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Reliance Jio started testing Vo Wi-Fi services in India


Reliance Jio has started testing VoWi-Fi voice over voice over Wi-Fi services in India, with the help of Geo users, any active cellular connectivity will be able to access Voice Call and the Internet.

Online screenshots of this service by Reliance Jio were seen online
The rest of the companies will also serve the VoWi-Fi service
Users can avail this service in 2019

According to some recent reports, Reliance Geo (Voice Over-Wi-
Fi) Testing in India. This new service is available in Mumbai’s telecom company, with its subscribers having internet access to make voice call of any active cellular connectivity.

And keep in mind that Jio Vo Wi-Fi service seems to be going to be tested in some selected places in India. And among these regions Andhra Pradesh, Kerala,
There are Madhya Pradesh and Telangana. In this regard, Reliance Jio officially did not say anything about their services. But it is also coming in. JGO will launch their services in the first year of the year, in January 2019.

According to the Telecom Talk report, the Reliance Geo VoWi-Fi service is available only by jio-to-
jio communications will restrict the network of geo networks. And it is coming after that will start the rest of the network within a few days. And you have to say that the province of Madhya Pradesh VoWi-
Fi service has captured the screen shot, which was found in the name of “Jio WIFI” in the name of the operators of the telecom operators. And it is also from the news that the testing of this service can be done at Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala at this time.

You have to say that J smartphone company Asus and HTC have recently updated their handset update to VoWi-
Fi Support provided for users. And there Jio Phone and JioOhone 2 will support this VoWi-Fi service in Georgetown in India. And Bharti Airtel and Vodafone will be planning to launch their VoWi-Fi service in India.


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