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How to get Photoshop for free

If you’re here, you’re probably searching for an easy way to use Photoshop for free. That’s getting harder to find: Whether you’re editing a fantastic meme or trying to get professional work done for a client, Photoshop is almost entirely a subscription service these days with periodic updatesand the old methods of using a past version of the software don’t really function anymore.

Ps Adobe Photoshop CC     

Step 1. Right now, the top way to use Photoshop without paying anything is to sign up for the free trial, and then cancel before that trial ends. Adobe offers a free seven-day trial of the latest version of Photoshop, which you can start whenever you want.

Step 2: Choose what free trial plan you are interested in. The Photography Plan offers you Photoshop, Lightroom, and Lightroom Classic, plus a choice between 20GB and 1TB of cloud storage. With the 20GB option, this costs $10 after the free trial. The Photoshop CC Plan just offers Photoshop CC, but you get 100GB of cloud storage for the deal, and after the trial, the price jumps to $21 per month. Finally, the All Apps Plan gives you access to all of Adobe’s 20-something apps and 100 GB of cloud storage, which costs $53 per month after the trial. For the fastest download, the Photoshop-only option is probably best. Select it and enter your email if necessary.

Step 3: The download should automatically begin. This download will work with both MacOS and Windows 10 as long as you have around 4GB of storage space for the app to fit into. You cannot download it on mobile devices. Follow the on-screen instructions for completing the process.

Step 4: If necessary, you will now need to fill out a few quick questions and sign in with an Adobe Account or create a new account. Note that this is now the same thing as a Creative Cloud membership, which you have to pay for as part of Adobe’s subscription service. You have to transition to Creative Cloud to make your free trial permanent, but this is not required for the free trial itself.


Step 5: You can now use Photoshop for seven days, which starts on the day that you download the free trial. Make sure you cancel the trial and avoid signing up for Creative Cloud so that you don’t start paying for anything.


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