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The Start of The Country’s Largest PUBG Tournament, Will Win 1 Million.


After the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship in 2014, this is the biggest tournament in the country. PUBG continues to add many additions to the gamers of India.

Good news for PlayerNanons Battle Grounds or PUBG players The game developer Tencent Games is going to organize the largest PUBG tournaments in the country. Player Annonos Battal Grounds Mobile India Series 2015 will be the champion of this tournament, Taka 1 crore. This tournament can be registered by January 23.

Find out all the PUBG Mobile India Series 2015 information

1. Interested persons will be enrolled in the PUBG Mobile India Series 2015 registration page.

2. After joining, the player can participate in the game with the squad id or create a new squad and others can apply for joining.

The tournament has two qualifying rounds. If you can cross it, then it will be possible to play in the final round matches.

4. In the tournament, players will have to play 15 Classic rounds in Irangle with the squad for the first qualifying round. The Qualifying Round will run till 21 January 27.

Players will be selected for the second round, based on the results of the first qualifying 10 best rounds. In that case, the player’s key count, Rank, Survival Time, Acquirer and Team Play.

6. The second qualifying round will be online play-
Off-line This round will run from 10th February to 24th February. In the first round of this round, 2000 squads will be divided into 100 groups. Each group will have 20 squads. The top four of each group will be in the next group.

In the second phase of the second qualifying, 400 squads will be divided into 20 groups. The top four teams from each group will go to the third round. In this round 80 squads will be divided into 4 groups.

8. The top five teams of the third round will play in Grand Finale. The final round will be held in March.

9. Asia server will play in third-party regency tournaments.

No fee will be paid for enrollment. But if not at least 20 level then the name can not be registered in the tournament.



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